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The World War II Lecture Institute
Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

National Heritage Foundation

Veterans History Project

World War II "Veterans in the Classroom" Project

U.S. Navy Veteran Sheila Martin

The committee chairperson is U.S. Navy Veteran Sheila Martin. The other committee members are U.S. Army Aircorp Veteran Warren Kimmel and U.S. Navy Veteran Charlotte Goerlich. The primary goals of the project are to find WWII Veterans who are willing to speak to children and to set up speaking engagements at schools in this area. We hope to be in the schools by Veteran's Day of this year. If you are interested in helping in anyway please contact the committee chairperson: Ms. Sheila Martin, 28 Home Road, Hatboro, Pennsylvania 19040, 215-675-7504. Thank you.

Volunteer Opportunities - WWII Lecture Institute

We are in need of volunteers to complete the following goals for the WWII Lecture Institute: · Developing speaking opportunities for WWII veterans at elementary and high schools. · Expanding the program to include non-military WWII stories. · Help with running the reservation system. (Someone using e-mail would be helpful.) · Preparing existing videotapes for use in the Abington Library, Library of Congress etc. · Starting up new lecture programs at other sites in the Greater Delaware Valley. · Transcribing tapes of past lectures for publication on our website and elsewhere.
· Writing other veteran stories for publication on our website or elsewhere. Contact
Mr. Donald Lee at 215-659-5594 if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

Veterans History Project Partnership
The Library of Congress

The World War II Lecture Institute has recently become a member of the Library of Congress - Veterans History Project. This means that all of the lecture since 1997 to the present will be submitted to the archives in Washington, DC to help preserve WWII oral history.

The Reservation System - Abington Public Library

When checking in, you should check the space to the left of your name to indicate attendance. If you wish to attend either of the next two lectures, you should circle 3 PM or 7 PM. If you know you will not be attending a future lecture, it would help if you would circle "NO". You should request a reservation for future meetings if you plan to attend. If you fail to make your requests on the check-in sheet, you can call the library at 215-885-5180 extension 15. Please leave names and telephone numbers for all requested reservations.

Thank you to our Audience

We want to thank our audience for coming out to the Abington Public Library once a month to view our programs. Without an audience like the one we have, there would be no Abington World War II Lecture Series and there would be no World War II Lecture Institute. We would also like to give a special thanks to all of the audience members who have volunteered their time and money to help out the Abington World War II Lecture Series. Thank you.

Videotapes and DVD's will soon be availabe for purchase
Jack Sky has now gotten the editing and formatting up and running for most of the recent WWII Lectures here at the Abington Free Library. Tapes or DVDs can be purchased for $25.00, payable in cash or by check. Checks should be made payable to either the World War II Lecture Institute. Contact
Donald Lee for further details.

Non-Profit Organization of the Year
The Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce has selected the Abington WWII Lecture Series as the "Non-Profit of the Year" and has asked
Donald Lee to accept the award for the library at the Annual Awards and Induction Dinner on July 21, 2005 at Talamore at Oak Terrace country Club in Ambler. Both the Abington Free Library and the WWII Lecture Institute will have tables at the Awards Dinner.

A Thank You to the Abington Library Staff
Recognition should be given to the Abington Library Staff who have been and are helping to make the series a success:
Nancy Hammeke, Executive Director
· Karen Byrne, Building Manager, New Book Purchases
· Karen Burnham, Office (leaflets, copying etc.)
· Andy/Carolyn Head of Childrens Dept. - Room scheduling, setup, etc.

Transportation to and from Lectures - TransNet
With gas prices what they are today and the growing amount of traffic on the roads carpooling is encouraged for attendees that live near each other. Bux-Mont (Taxi) Transportation Services also offers cheap, affordable and comfortable transportation to and from our lectures. You can reach Bux-Mont Transportation Services by phone at 215-659-1313 or 215-659-0555 and on the web at Thank you.

Donations Needed - Donald Lee
The Abington WWII Lecture Series was founded in the fall of 1997 and The World War II Lecture Institute was founded in spring of 2003 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which offers tax deductible donations. Donations are needed to help ensure the future of this series and the institute. We want to thank everyone who has donated money to this series and the institute. We wouldn't be here today without our audience and our donors. Thank you.

Lecture Series at the Doylestown Library
Al Pincus & Kevin Brown

Lectures will be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. The library is located at 150 S. Pine Street in Doylestown, PA. The telephone number for the Library is 215-348-0332.
Al Pincus and Kevin Brown are the coordinator for the Doylestown Lecture Series. Any ideas for future programs at the Doylestown Lecture Series please contact Albert Pincus at 215-598-0882.

National Heritage Foundation

Mr. George P. Brown
George Brown is the director of the International Development for the National Heritage Foundation (NHF) and the War Veterans Family Foundation. He has created a 501(c)(3) public foundation for the World War II Lecture Institute under the National Heritage Foundation so that we may raise tax-deductible funds from the public. With adequate funding, we plan to expand the lecture series to other libraries and increase a collection of veteran and other stories from the WWII period for publication. The NHF website is Contact George Brown by e-mail at or by phone at 215-822-6601 concerning the National Heritage Foundation, War Veterans Family Foundation, World War II Lecture Institute, annuities and tax-deductible donations.

Local Newspapers
Ms. Charlotte Goerlich, Mr. John Frantz

Check the following newspapers for information about past and future programs at the Abington Public Library: Glenside Life, Glenside News, Philadelphia Neighbors Column, Philly News, and the Times Chronicle all contain information each month about the Abington WWII Lecture Series.

E-mail Reservation System - Ms. Karen Burnham

If you wish to make a reservation by e-mail please contact
Ms. Karen Burnham, our e-mail reservation contact person. You may contact him at his e-mail address After receiving an e-mail from you he will confirm your reservations. Thank you.

Capitol Area WWII Roundtable - Bill Jackson & Jack Thomas
William Jackson is the editor of the 104th Infantry Division Newsletter and is the coordinator of the Capital Area WWII Roundtable. The Roundtable meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Hershey Public Library, 701 Cocoa Avenue in Hershey, PA. Contact Bill Jackson - 115 South Water Street, P.O. Box C, Hummelstown, PA 17036. More information will be posted on our website this summer.

Afternoon and Evening Lectures
Abington Public Library

Future programs will continue to have two lectures, the afternoon lecture, which begins at 3:00 PM and the evening lecture, which begins at 7:00 PM. Each lecture will be preceded by a thirty-minute "social period" with beverages and snacks to provide an opportunity to look at display items and meet and talk with others interested in WWII history.

A Thank You to all of our volunteers
Henry Waga for his help with Refreshments... Charles Lyon for his help with Attendance... Charlotte Goerlich and John Frantz for all the Press Releases & Publicity for the lecture series... Randy Goldstein and Jack Sky for the Videotaping... Mike Stefanowicz, George Hinckley, Joseph Greco, Mia Greco, Jack Brand, Gloria Nolan, Alfred Jones, George Abele, Lillian Abele, Doris Luty, and Anne Summerall for all the Phone Calls they make ... Tony Zanzinger for his help with the Equipment Breakdown. And of course all of the Abington Library Staff who help the program run.

World War II Lecture Series for Children (Ages 7 & Up)
The Children's Department of the Abington Library has completed a series of three programs for children age seven and above with parents. Thanks to Tony Zanzinger, George and Lilian Abele and Mia Greco for three excellent programs. The childrens department expects to continue the program in the fall if there is sufficient interest. To help ensure the program goes on please contact The Children’s Department at 215-885-5180 extension 6.

From Brooklyn To Tokyo Bay - Albert R. Pincus
I have written a book about my service in the Navy during World War II. The book is called "From Brooklyn To Tokyo Bay" and I am donating the major part of the proceeds to restore and maintain the last remaining landing craft LSM 45 (550 built, only one left). I hope you can help. Thank you for your time and consideration. Note: Al Pincus gave a lecture here in July 1998 with the same title as his book. You can contact him to give him your address and possibly reserve an autographed copy of his book -Mr. Albert R. Pincus, 1440 Pineville Road, New Hope, PA 18938, 215-598-0882, 215-598-2815 (FAX), Al is a Board Member of the World War II Lecture Institute and he is the coordinator of the Doylestown Lecture Series. He still practices law in his hometown New Hope, PA. Check out his new website for more information about his new book -

War Veterans Oral History Project - Brandon Traister
Since the year 2000 Brandon Traister has been gathering oral histories. Anyone who is interested in sharing their experiences please contact Brandon Traister by phone at 856-296-9256 or by e-mail at